PSS®SINCAL 智慧電網分析軟體

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Electricity modules

From basic, enhanced, dynamics, and enhanced dynamics modules to frequency domain, protection, and strategy modules as well as model packages – PSS®SINCAL offers a wide-range of capabilities for electricity network planning and analysis.

Pipe network modules

From gas modules to water (specific) as well as heating/cooling (specific) modules –PSS®SINCAL offers you the core capabilities needed for planning and calculating pipe networks.

Model and workflow management modules

Are you looking for modules that support you with multi user project management? Do you need a complete workflow solution? PSS®SINCAL offers you specific modules for these needs.

What’s new in PSS®SINCAL?

Coming soon in PSS®SINCAL 14.5
Many new enhancments will be introduced with v14.5 of the PSS®SINCAL Platform. The most notable enhancements are:

Economic calculation including loss cost based on load flow and cost profiles to get more precise network cost (CAPEX and OPEX) for the whole planning horizon.

Long term network development merged with economic simulation to find and compare the optimal placements (e.g. PVs or batteries) based on CAPEX / OPEX across the planning horizon and to support typical LNBA simulation.

Support of the Russian GOST Standard for short circuit simulation allowing you to utilize the specific industry defined values available for the network design.

New workflow management and interactive result cockpit to:

– Define your own planning workflow by selecting defined scenarios and in combination with preferred calculation modules
– Create your own interactive result view by selecting result parameters and scenarios
– Compress the results visualization to align with your given task

User encrypted dynamic models to define your dynamic model in the GMB and store the encrypted behavior for the safe usage by other users

New features for Eigenvalue Analysis including:
– New option in the calculation window: Reduce the display range to only show the real state variables.
– Optimized result presentation: Utilize adequate diagram presentations with Bode and Polar diagrams

PSA module enhancements for improved adaptive protection setting, including:
– Embedding DN, giving you more criteria for optimal distribution system protection settings
– Ability to include substation protection and frequency protection in the complete protection assessment checks
– Capability to run different short circuits simulations and aggregate the results in one action
– Improving speed by using distributed computing and get results within seconds

Harmonic Simulation supporting IEEE 519 2014 to check voltage and current distortion limits throughout your network and utilize new element models for harmonic simulation.

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