PSS®E 輸電系統衝擊分析軟體

PSS®E (Power System Simulator for Engineering)為一套由PTI公司 (Power Technologies Inc)於1976年所開發之電力系統模擬軟體(該公司已於2005年被西門子公司併購),它可以進行潮流計算、事故分析和動態模擬等。




PSS®E is the premier software tool used by electrical transmission participants world-wide. The probabilistic analyses and advanced dynamics modeling capabilities included in PSS®E provide transmission planning and operations engineers a broad range of methodologies for use in the design and operation of reliable networks. PSS®E is the standard Siemens offering for electrical transmission analysis that continues to be the technology of choice in an ever-growing market that exceeds 115 countries.

Since its introduction in 1976, the Power System Simulator for Engineering tool has become the most comprehensive, technically advanced, and widely used commercial program of its type. It is widely recognized as the most fully featured, time-tested and best performing commercial program available.

PSS®E is an integrated, interactive program for simulating, analyzing, and optimizing power system performance. It provides the user with the most advanced and proven methods in many technical areas, including:

  • Power Flow
  • Optimal Power Flow
  • Balanced or Unbalanced Fault Analysis
  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Extended Term Dynamic Simulation
  • Open Access and sdPricing
  • Transfer Limit Analysis
  • Network Reduction
What’s new in Version 34

PSS®E Version 34.0 is here and the most exciting new enhancement is integrated node-breaker support. Siemens PTI’s expert engineering team has implemented a carefully designed approach to node-breaker modeling. The ability to manage and analyze detailed substation topology provides planners with even more powerful and accurate study capabilities.

With PSS®E 34 node-breaker it is possible to:

  • Auto-generate substation layouts to easily create complex topologies, including  the ability to graphically manipulate details and fine tune the design
  • Simulate complex contingencies at the breaker level to accurately portray protection behavior
  • Readily compare planning and operation models at the substation level, which can aid in power flow base case validation and NERC MOD 33 compliance
  • Visualize substation topology at the device level with PSS®E single-line diagrams, allowing you to view power flow results at individual buses, breakers, and switches.

The best part is that the node-breaker tools in PSS®E 34 come with no additional cost!

Additional enhancements to PSS®E 34
  • Interface, diagram and plotter improvements
  • Improved power flow models
  • Customizable ratings groups
  • Geomagnetic Induced Current (GIC) analysis improvements
  • New dynamics models
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  • 下載 PDF 檔案Graphical Model Builder
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  • 下載 PDF 檔案Power Flow
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