HIOKI 3554 電池內阻測試器


■ 用於中等到高等容量鹼性和鉛蓄電池:UPS和類似設備
■ 檢測電池劣化程度
■ UPS電池測試的理想選擇
■ 自動保持和記錄
■ 最高存儲4800組電池數據
■ 平均值功能

  • Measurement circuit that’s more resistant to noise than previous models
  • Instantaneously diagnoses degradation (PASS, CAUTION FAIL) by measuring internal resistance and voltage
  • Increased measurement efficiency thanks to new compact, lightweight probes
  • Store up to 4,800 data points in built-in memory and transfer to PC via USB

HIOKI 3554 spec

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