DSATools 電力系統穩定度評估軟體

The DSAToolsTM is a leading-edge suite of power system analysis tools and provides the complete assessment of system security including all forms of stability.

The DSAToolsTM provide a complete toolset for power system planning and operational studies. In addition to rich modeling capabilities and advanced computational methods, the software is packed with useful study tools so as to provide engineers with significant productivity improvements.

The key components in the suite, VSAT, TSAT, and SSAT, have also been designed to be used for on-line dynamic security assessment (DSA). In this mode, the software is connected directly to a power system’s energy management system (EMS) and assesses the system security in continuous cycles. An on-line DSA system provides system operators with important information about system security limits, critical contingencies, and remedial actions needed to prevent system failures.

  • Comprehensive analysis capabilities in terms of performance criteria including voltage stability, transient stability, small signal stability, thermal overloads, voltage decline/rise, transient voltage/frequency, and relay margins
  • Data setup and program operation with graphical user interface
  • Fast and accurate leading-edge solution engines for powerflow solution, time-domain simulations, and eigenvalue analysis
  • Capable of analyzing systems of up to 100,000 buses and 8,000 generators
  • A rich library of models for various types of studies, including network, load, generator, renewables, HVDC, FACTS, relays and protections, and user-defined modeling capabilities
  • Flexible output analysis tools
  • Compatibility with popular third-party data formats
  • Scenario based study approach supporting analysis of multiple study conditions and multiple contingencies
  • Highly automated analysis features including automatic one- and two-dimensional stability limit search
  • Distributed computation for dramatically improved computation performance
  • Integration with energy management systems (EMS) for on-line DSA …
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